Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Whats new about me?

How are u guys? am at PERLIS dah almost 17 days am here at PAUH INN POLITEKNIK TUANKU SYED SIRAJUDDIN. FuH aku dah sangat penat dowh...bosan....and missing everything that i have back there at KL and PD...what am i doing here? well its a preparation for my master , the course is about RESEARCH METHODOLOGI for our thesis or project paper later...i learned ALOT!! Things that all the speakers learned in 2 years we learned it in 10 days...and today exam...we still need to learn about statistic this coming week our focus will be about statistic pulak CALCULATION WARGH!!! ingat tak yg kita blajar ngan DR. Arshad tu HHHHAAAAAAA yang tu la rasakan padan muka haku hehhehe...
imagine we sit listening for lecture from 8.30 until 4.30 everyday and ada nite class also sometime. Speaker told us that bnyk panca roba nak further study nie especially perkara berkaitan ngan supervisor kita later...aku dengar pun aku dh kecut perut kejap...offer letter pun blom dapat waiting for the offer letter from UPM. Harap i will get in for julai intake. tak sanggup dh nak keje.. i need a new fresh air and environment. HELP!!! hEHEHEHE
talking about NEW..Congrats to NURUL and ANISS for their new baby boy...Funky mommas back in action with new kid. CAYUK!! and i pun dah ader NEW bf...sekali lagi hahhaha....entah bila betol2 nak lekat for good. i dont knowla. dia ajak tunang but i said wait until i finished with my master program and he will be in his 3rd years degree before he going to Australia we ll get married and i ll join him there ( mesti korang pelik degree? ha yer ...dia muda dari aku, wondering y org muda? well me myself pun dont know yg penting i love him) That what we have planned. its only a plan....i am hoping that we can make it. he ll be the one for me....Tapi dont knowla...sbb we dont know what really gonna happen in the future. Tapi my focus rite now nak smbg study dats all full time tak payah g keje hehhehehehhe.....
ok la i nak tdo...good nite...i miss u guys and for those who read this blog HAI....and Bye...kekekekekekke