Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sophie Jasmine - 4 MONTHS... last entry was during my bulan ke 4 pregnancy..and now my latest entry dah beranak k...and my baby gurl dah nak masuk 4 bulan ...cepat betul masa berlalu..

Dugaan yer bila dh ada anak, i really respect la moms in this world, i salute thee besar betul pengorbanan mak2 nie semua only now i me i have to juggle my time as a wife, mom, students, trainee, sister...and daughter...pergh!! it is not an easy task OK..nangis jer keje aku kot...stress OK..nak kena abiskan praktikal + kaunseling report and i need to complete my project paper, mini research as a syarat untuk bergraduat..n with Sophie yg sangat chomel seeking for attention huhuhuhuhu aku sering tenggelam timbul...but alhamdulillah hubby always with me without him aku leh meroyan kot hahaha...dia bnyk sacrifice his time, kesabaran dan tenaga ...he cooks, he clean up the house..he takes care of sophie while am doing my work..sangat bersyukur..I told him I have to finish what I have started and this is what I dream of..selain dari having a great husband, cute daughter and happy family... ^_^.. he said insyaallah dia akan tolong apa yang termampu...ALHAMDULILLAH..

Aku nyer praktikal this week last...cant wait so that i can focus on my project paper and spend more time with sophie at home...tapi..hari2 pun sophie with me..aku praktikal bawak Sophie k...hahahhaa buat sesi with sophie besides me...24/7 she is with blessed...penat woooOOO...hahahhaha... am not complaining but it is not an easy thing to do...i love her with all my heart..i cant imagine my life without her....precious...

bangun pagi tgk muka dia mcm tgk sunshine..she makes me smile..she makes me cry....she makes me strong and getting even stronger..she makes me angry...she everything la ..senang citerkan...hahahha...what ever it is i love my SOPHIE JASMINE very much...i would like to thanks this one person who gave me a chance to find happiness know who you are..thanks babe...^_^

aku harap aku akan berjaya .....cant wait nak naik pentas amik scroll master ear insyaALLAH the time will HUBBY and SOPHIE will be with me during that time...membayangkan nyer saja dah buat aku happy...hehehehhe ok lah nak chow dulu.... sepatutnya aku cari material untuk project paper tapi tetiba mcm nak write something kat blog dulu.... ^_^

Have a great day guys!!!