Thursday, February 07, 2013

baby progress!!

alhamdulillah...our baby is in the last trimester phase of pregnancy...he is 33 weeks cooking in the uterus oven...he is doing great but his bonda not in  areally good condition...why? huhuuhuhuhuhu
I am suffering..experiencing a very painful abnominal pain under my left has been 5 days now...I cant sleep...I m having a difficulty to walk..sit and I cant stand too long also....the major problem it will take me more than 15 minutes to climb up to my office on 4th floor ..climb up for about 88 stair cases....everyday!!! and I am 8 months pregnant......yesterday was the most painful day of my life.. I cried and told my husband I cant stand the pain ..he told me that I am is not gonna be so long anymore....I have to be patient and do tell our baby to behave and dont torture bonda so much...kesian bonda....
I did call my Dr yesterday he told me maybe the baby dah salah parking.. I asked him can aaa Dr like that....he just laugh...Dr told me it is maybe due to the baby position I experienced such pain...he adviced me to get plenty of rest and do less walking and try to sleep on my right side rather than left side...and I can use muscle ointment to relief the pain....
but today...the pain is still there...I am really reluctant to take MC because I dont want to replace classes...I need to be strong...may ALLAH be with pray for me also guys....

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Progress!! progress!!


Drop by just to write down on something bout our home sweet home progress...well it is not an easy task when u r going to move in to a new house...your own house k..not a house that u have to start from scratch..need to find lights, fans, need to do plaster ceiling...need to do wiring...for the lights..for the aircond, for the water heater, auto gate...there are alot of things need to pasang tiles for the porch...then after the very hectic process the house need to  be repainted, list going on hokeh...pasang grill nak pindahkan barang lagi..huhuhuhuhuhuhu and money...draining out really fast okeh!!!

hahahahhhaha cant wait for everything to be settled.....hopefully after CNY...I need everything to go on smoothly..I do have problem with the developer..biasalah lau dh dapat duit kan...fius box tu dorg blom pasang lagi...hai la labi...lambat bebenor!!! sakit hati aku!!!! sabar jelah...after CNY am waiting for our electrical kabinet and wardrobe to be delivered to praying hard I would like to get some rest before am going into labour....doakan okeh...^_^